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Bachelor of Arts: Political Science (4-Year)

Maximum credit awarded in this program for prior learning: 9 credits.

Program Learning Outcomes

As a result of completing this program, students should be able to

  • distinguish the various sub-disciplines, major themes, and analytical techniques in political science
  • categorize interactions between the individual, the state and other institutions of governance, public affairs and public policy
  • anticipate human cultural and political variability both within Canada and the global community, with an attendant appreciation of others’ viewpoints and cultures, attitudes, values, and practices
  • recognize the nature and sources of power and authority
  • appraise the sources of societal conflict and how they can be resolved by political means
  • situate contemporary events in broader institutional, political and social contexts
  • compare the Canadian system of government to those in other countries
  • describe the nature of change in the global political community, and the complex character of processes such as globalization
  • think critically and analytically, reason logically and communicate effectively about politics
  • study, learn, conduct research and communicate effectively in an on-line environment
  • discuss major trends and issues of debate within the political science discipline
  • plan, conduct, interpret and communicate the results of original research using basic research methods.

Program Goals

The program aims to

  • to provide a knowledge base that will prepare students to successfully complete graduate studies in political science or related fields
  • to educate critically aware citizens that can better understand and participate in the process of governing at all levels
  • to provide students intending to pursue careers in, or presently working for, institutions involved in governance with the theoretical, communicative and practical skills (e.g. research) to work successfully in their environment
  • to prepare students for career work in areas directly associated with political life, such as elected office, party organizations, campaign management and polling, public service, law, journalism, public relations, policy analysis, research and education

Possible Career Options

  • elected official
  • campaign manager or pollster
  • public servant
  • local government administrator
  • policy analyst
  • research specialist
  • lawyer
  • journalist
  • public relations specialist
  • teacher
  • academic

*Entrance requirements vary among educational institutions. It is the students’ responsibility to research the entrance requirements of other educational institutions.



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