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Bachelor of Health Administration

Maximum credit awarded in this program for prior learning: 21 credits.

Program Learning Outcomes

As a result of completing this program, students should be able to

  • provide leadership for all areas of health services organization.
  • use effective verbal and written communication strategies in management.
  • demonstrate an understanding of communication processes and techniques.
  • demonstrate knowledge of administrative principles and theory in the public and private sectors.
  • demonstrate an understanding of the financial and managerial concepts of non-profit organizations.
  • exhibit a broad overview of the health-care field and health issues, and explore the nature and causes of major health-care problems.
  • be responsive to the needs of the consumer and promote and influence positive relations with all stakeholders.
  • effectively manage and allocate human, financial and information resources.
  • effectively assess and analyze problem-solving methods.
  • assess, plan, implement, monitor and evaluate organizational objectives.
  • provide direction and guidance in setting professional, legal and ethical standards that have an impact on the organization.
  • manage and supervise the human resources divisions of organizations.
  • develop strategies to work with government agencies.
  • be an effective communicator for handling grievances and negotiations.
  • demonstrate an understanding of the Canadian legal framework and the organization and delivery of health-care in Canada.
  • demonstrate an advanced knowledge of health-care economic principles and an understanding of how to apply them in the health-care decision-making process.

Possible Career Options

  • Health-Care Administrator/Hospital Administrator for rural hospitals or community health clinics/centers
  • Administrator/Manager for long-term care facilities/nursing homes
  • middle management-level positions at large hospitals/health regions
  • Administrator/Manager at mental health facilities
  • provincial government’s departments of health and social services
  • Government of Canada departments of health and national defense
  • private health-care facilities and long-term care facilities
  • large and small consultant agencies in Canada as well as abroad
  • international organizations in all the world.
  • religious organizations across the world

* Some universities will not accept a three-year degree for admittance into a graduate program. An additional year of study may be required. It is the students’ responsibility to research the entrance requirements of other universities.



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