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Advanced Special Effects Makeup, Prosthetics and Props

Duration: 1 Year (Three Semesters)

Program Information

Advanced Special Effects Makeup, Prosthetics and Props Program prepares you in one year to begin a career in the highly specialized field of advanced special effects makeup. Coursework was developed specifically to meet the needs of employers such as museums, amusement parks, exhibitors and the entertainment industry.

Through intensive lab experiences that simulate industry settings, you'll gain solid knowledge in casting, molding, sculpting and developing prosthetics, props and animatronics.

You'll earn your graduate certificate through classes that involve:

  • Researching styles, trends and new developments within the industry
  • Developing two-dimensional special effects concepts and work-ups of what they might look like complete
  • Using specialized products and equipment to animate, sculpt, create, cast and mold your creations

Classes include both classroom theory and extensive hands-on lab work. Guest industry speakers regularly visit class, providing excellent networking opportunities. Because classes are small, you'll receive lots of personal support from your professors who are themselves highly experienced in the field. Most are still active in special effects makeup. Through your study you'll also be introduced to the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE), the union representing the profession.

Field Placement Experience

During the summer following the first two semesters, you'll participate in a field placement where you can use your newly acquired special effects makeup skills in a professional setting. This invaluable work experience and exposure to professionals in the field can be a springboard for employment.

Career Opportunities:

When you complete your one-year graduate certificate program in Advanced Special Effects Makeup, Prosthetics and Props, you’ll be ready to take a position in:

  • Museums
  • Theme parks
  • Special events marketing companies
  • Film and television
  • Entertainment

Positions you are qualified to hold include:

  • Junior prop of FX technician
  • Special effects makeup artist
  • SPFX artist/assistant
  • SPFX technician coordinator
  • Prosthetic technician
  • Independent entrepreneur – freelance artist or technician
  • Exhibit designer

Admission Requirements


  • Postsecondary diploma or degree


  • Demonstrated competence through related work and/or educational experience


Eligible applicants are selected on the basis of previous academic achievement and/or demonstrated competence through related work experience.

In some cases, applicants may be required to submit a completed questionnaire and portfolio that illustrates the applicant's suitability for a career in the field of advanced special effects makeup, prosthetics and props.

Applicants who do not meet the admission requirements for this program will be assessed and advised individually and may be considered for other, related programs.


COSM 56048 Molding and Casting for the Special Effects Artist 3
COSM 55586 Makeup Application & Facial Prosthetics 3
COSM 58081 Conceptual Processes 3
COSM 50009 Advanced Special Effects Makeup: Product Knowledge and Safety Solutions 3
COSM 55436 Sculpting & Anatomy 3
Total: 15
COSM 55288 Animatronics for the Special Effects Artist 3
COSM 58634 Advanced Prosthetics 3
COSM 51975 Industry Culture: Crisis, Conformity and Change in Advanced Special Effects and Makeup 3
COSM 56859 Prop Production for the Special Effects Artist 3
APPL 58823 Digital Applications for Advanced Special Effects Makeup 3
COSM 57545 Puppetry for the Special Effects Artist 3
Total: 18
COSM 59798 Project Production 3
COSM 57198 Professional Design Solutions: Marketing, Promotion and Personal Development 3
FLPL 55436 Field Placement and Seminar 6
Total: 12

Note: Courses subject to change.



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