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Our Program

Gain extensive knowledge on how businesses work and become competent at the full range of skills needed to facilitate business operations with aactd’s Business Administration diploma. Take courses in operations management, accounting, human resources management, marketing research and much more to cultivate key business skills such as communication, teamwork, project management and strategic business analysis.

Learn with strong business backgrounds and enjoy ongoing opportunities to master concepts and practice skills through in-class activities, individual assignments and group projects. Discover how to specialize in a specific area of business administration, or to start your own business. In your final year, you’ll put everything you’ve learned into action by preparing a strategic analysis report for a high-profile business enterprise.

Businesses depend on the leadership of great minds to grow and prosper. Business administrators lead and contribute to marketing, human resources, management, logistics, accounting, finance and economic initiatives and developments.

A strong foundation in business administration allows students to focus on their interests and specialize in a specific discipline of business like human resources, marketing or finance.

Your Career

This diploma will prepare you to contribute to key decisions and important operations within an organization or as an entrepreneur.

With aactd’s Business Administration diploma, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills to pursue a variety of potential career paths in business, including management finance, human resources, marketing and international business administration. Among the roles you’ll be qualified to apply for are marketing co-ordinator, marketing researcher, merchandising manager, product manager, budget analyst, sales representative, financial planner, office manager, human resources administrator, advertising account co-ordinator, marketing assistant, account manager, event planner, recruitment assistant, training co-ordinator and labour relations administrator.

As a business owner, you’ll enjoy the excitement and rewards of using what you’ve learned to start and manage your own enterprise, assess opportunities and bring your ideas to market – all on your own terms.

Work Placement

Students are helped to find a paid or unpaid business placement, where they practice their skills during an 84-hour assignment. This adds valuable hands-on experience to their resumé. Close relationships with the business professionals who constantly update the curriculum provide valuable contacts for students.

Professional Accreditation, Endorsement and Recognition

The Business Administration program can also prepare students to pursue industry designations and professional certifications in addition to their diploma, should they choose to do so. The industry designations/certifications may require further courses, additional exams, related work experience and additional fees to qualify. Visit the websites of the organizations listed below to determine the detailed requirements set by the granting bodies of these associations.

Your Future Study Options

Turn your diploma into a degree. Graduates with an overall grade point average (GPA) of 70 per cent or more will be considered for admission to aactd’s Bachelor of Commerce degree program. Graduates may then complete the degree program with the equivalent of four semesters of full-time study plus a paid work term.

There are also options for you to complete your Business Administration degree through transfer credit opportunities with more than 50 international universities.

Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to the program.


Units Course Name
Unit1 Marketing Concepts
Unit2 Managing Financial Resources
Unit3 Business Environment
Unit4 Organisations and Behaviour
Unit5 Aspects of Contract and Negligence for Business
Unit6 Business Communication
Unit7 Advertising and Public Relations
Unit8 Business Accounting


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