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  • Our educational approach is backed by top leaders in higher education in North America. AACTD was founded as an educational Technology Company by nationally recognized academic and business leaders.
  • Nurturing talent. At AACTD, the "strategic intent" that drives our every action is simply stated: nurturing talent. We put the student at the center of everything we do. We nurture talent in every part of our work to create opportunities where talent can flourish.
  • Professional best practice. Our programs undergo constant change and improvement to deliver the world's best learning to you. Fifty full- and part-time academic members create degree programs that meet professional and job requirements at students' point of need.
  • Get the Best for Less. We offer the best value available in the distance learning education marketplace. AACTD is the clear choice for students who want a quality education at a favorable price that ensures a rapid return on their learning investment.


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