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A language is a systematic means of communication by the use of sounds or conventional symbols. It is the code we all use to express ourselves and communicate to others.  Language is a system for communicating ideas and feelings using sounds, gestures, signs or marks.

Over the years, English language has become the principal means in connecting people. It does not require any further argument to establish the advantage English language has brought at the international level.

English language comes to aid people all over the world in the commercial transactions.

It is the language of the latest business management and the means not only for international commerce & Trade but for cultural dialogue and interactive communication over the globe.

In view of the above, AACTD has taken the initiative of developing a world class workforce with a proficiency in English that meets high international standards, so AACTD – English Dept is uniquely positioned to help you with your goal of learning and using English for your career success.

Our approach:

We listen carefully to our clients' needs and expectations in order to design the most suitable training schedule, Experience has shown that the majority of students wants and needs to improve their already existing foundation in order to become more confident and thereby more convincing in their fields of business.

You know where you need to go and we will help you get there!

AACTD has fully worked out programs, which have been proven successful,

However, we are flexible to the extend to adjust to our potential candidates' specific needs.

AACTD brings immediate value to you through our Integrated Learning approach. Our Integrated Learning is a complete method of training, reinforcing, supporting and validating learning through flexible delivery modes that include Grammar, Conversation Skills, writing and Translation Lessons.

AACTD has the following advantages:

1. Accessible

We are global and open to all who have the talent and drive to succeed.

2. Progressive

We keep pace with the latest updated information in English, reflecting the latest and most relevant educational thinking.

3. Fair Prices

Our prices were designed to meet all the categories over many geographical areas.

4. Unique System

Our System has been structured to provide a new way in learning English by following:

  • Interaction style.

  • Searching process.

  • Motivation.

  • Building Confidence then enhancing it.

Our objectives:

Our main objectives as a provider of language training are to teach core and specialized language skills, permit students to learn at their own pace, provide a learning environment that is dynamic and give participants the opportunity to practice English all the time.


The learning experience begins with a preliminary analysis followed by a placement and oral assessment. An Educational Consultant will use the results of these tests to determine your English proficiency and place you at the appropriate level.


Your First Day

When you arrive at AACTD accredited center, you will go directly into our student orientation program. This includes:

  • A placement test.

  • An introduction to the learning resources and center facilities.

  • A welcome talk by the Director of English Studies.

The results of your placement tests will help us place you in the correct class and advise you our plan in terms of your level. Your level is regularly monitored and tested.

Maximum Class Sizes: Our maximum size classes are up to eight students:


You will meet privately with the academic counselor of English from AACTD, to review your progress, and to discuss your objectives for the course ahead. This is your opportunity to influence your course content. We maintain a record of these counseling sessions, enabling us to chart your progress through the duration of your course.

End of Course Certificates

At the end of your course, you will receive a certificate (subject to satisfactory attendance), providing you with a record of your achievement at AACTD. We offer a choice of two end-of-course certificates:

The AACTD Certificate of Studies is awarded to students who successfully completed any AACTD program without passing the final exam (e.g. Upper Intermediate) at the end of the course.

The AACTD Certificate in English is awarded to students who pass a written and oral examination at one of our courses.

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