The prospects of going to college, earning your degree and pursuing new professional opportunities can be a little overwhelming for many people. That’s why AACTD makes a commitment to help ensure you’ll have knowledgeable advice, support and resources throughout the time you spend at our University, and beyond.

As you approach graduation from your chosen undergraduate or graduate degree program, the AACTD Career Services Department’s skilled professionals are committed to helping you with job-related planning and career search assistance. Our resource team is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of excellence in student professional development. Among the services that will be available to you are:


  • Career Development Strategy
    AACTD’s trained staff will help you develop a road map to pursuing your professional goals. We maintain an up-to-date knowledge of current employment trends and job markets to help you plan for everything from self-promotion to “bumps in the road.”
  • Job Search Strategies
    To help you prepare for a comfortable transition that will take you from student to confident professional, AACTD’s Career Services staff will work with you to develop the skills and techniques you’ll need to pursue opportunities in your field. We’ll help you identify potential employers, uncover hidden job markets, connect with hiring managers and learn networking skills. The strategies we can help you develop can help give you an edge over other job applicants and take some of the stress out of the job search process.
  • Resume/Cover Letter Assistance
    A winning resume and cover letter can help you stand out from a crowd of professionals hoping to qualify for the same position. We’ll help you prepare materials designed to attract potential employers and showcase your individual strengths.
  • Individual Student Consultation
    Everyone is different. AACTD’s Career Services staff will develop a working relationship with you to help assess the specific approach best suited to your personality, capabilities and experience. Our coaching includes initial discovery, development of action plans and regular follow-ups to help you achieve your goals.
  • Interviewing Tips
    Interviewing doesn’t need to be a dreaded, stressful experience. Career Services will provide guidance on mastering the interview process. We’ll provide you with keen insights into what hiring managers will be looking for when you apply for a position. You’ll develop valuable skills at communicating clearly, building rapport and gathering feedback.
    We’ll even set up mock interviewing sessions, challenge you with answers to difficult interview questions and help you build the confidence to articulate your professional goals.
  • Live Online Workshops
    As you approach graduation, you’ll be encouraged to participate in live online workshops. These sessions are run by AACTD Career Services staff and provide guidance for your job search, as well as a forum where students can seek career assistance, share success stories, support others in their search and discover creative search strategies.