American Academic Center for Training & development is a U.S. company registered in the State of Delaware since 2001. For registration information about the American Academic Center for Training & Development, simply click the link below and then click the Search button that appears on that page. ” The Official Website for the State of Delaware

AACTD exists to enable our students to achieve their educational and professional goals. Our high quality degree programs have been designed so that our students can maximize their Return on Learning.

AACTD’s educational approach is backed by top leaders in higher education in North America. AACTD was founded as a  Academic Technology Company by nationally recognized academic and business leaders.

Fast Facts

  • Licensed in 2001 the State of Delaware
  • Over 1,500 students
  • 800+ alumni
  • over 55 academic administrators and staff (over 60% with PhDs)
  • Student Satisfaction: average more than 90% across programs

Mission Statement

AACTD’s mission is to provide high-quality, innovative degree and certificate programs that enable students to enhance their professional and civic lives.

Vision Statement

To be recognized as a world leader …
… for providing accessible, quality, advanced education for the motivated, non-traditional learner/professional who seeks to lead in emerging industries or growing market sectors of the global economy…
… for providing new levels of access to motivated, non-traditional students who here-to-fore have not had the opportunity for advanced professional degrees for reasons of time, money, or geography…
… for innovative use of technology that creates new standards in assessment and achievement of academic excellence…
… for understanding and meeting the changing needs of its students, communities, and other constituents…
… for creating excellence in student and constituent services.