Whether you are seeking admission to a university for the first time or going back to school to advance your current level of education, American Academic Center for Training & Development supports your initiative.

How to pay for your education is always an important decision, and we believe in making the process as straightforward, streamlined and simple as possible. That’s why the cost of each degree program is all-inclusive; there are no hidden fees or surprises after you enroll.

What is Financial Aid?

Financial Aid is federal, state and private funding used to assist students in paying for their education. Grants and scholarships are considered “Gift Aid,” which does not need to be paid back. On the other hand, loans, referred to as “Self Help” have to be paid back. Loans come with numerous repayment options and attractive interest rates. The University also offers student employment, which includes federal work-study positions, either on-campus or off-campus.

A Team Effort

At AACTD, you will have a dedicated Financial Aid Advisor who can personally take you through every step of the financial aid process and help you understand some of the programs and options which may be available to you.

In fact, many students simply don’t realize the number of federal, state and private funding used to assist students in funding their education. That’s why we created this page. To get started, and to learn more about the financial aid process, just click the links below, or team up with an AACTD Financial Aid Advisor at any point in the process.